Onboarding Made Easy

Onboarding To Office 365

UserActivation for Office 365 automates every step of onboarding to Office 365, making the activation process easier than ever! UserActivation will automatically create an Office 365 account, create users and assign licenses, manage all DNS changes, migrate mailbox data, and deploy and configure Outlook 2007+ to connect to Office 365, all from a single web portal. With UserActivation a single person can manage dozens of activation projects at a time enabling you to effectively scale your onboarding processes in a cost effective way.

UserActivation Platform

UserActivation is a customizable automation platform that automates the entire onboarding lifecycle to your services by integrating into existing processes and platforms. Users can easily select products, purchase licenses, provision accounts, and migrate existing data to your offering. This automated solution can be customized to perform tasks specific to your environment, reduces the time it normally takes for customers to activate new services, and simplifies the management of onboarding customers for your support teams.